little Note about Myself: 

The Struggle between the Mafia Group and Myself

Many of you (my dearest compatriots) have expressed, in private, about my safety. I want to say thank you for those who really are concerned about my safety and others who regularly send message that uplift my moral. There are also some who send hate messages and I really love those people too. I understand they are truly nationalists too, but could not distinguish between serving the mafia group that has hijacked the people’s cause and the nation.

Many are still assuming I am posting such messages from Asmara. Again I like the naivety of such people, but if someone is familiar with the system, there is no way someone can risk his/her life at the hands of such mafia group. It will not also be a big task for them to monitor someone communicating from Eritrea. It is all a matter of blocking the Beit-Gergsh gateway. So, I am in a safe place and you should not worry about my safety as such.

Who am I?

Do the mafia group know who the real person behind Sactism is? I am a true, concerned Eritrean. I care as you do, I also care more than the hypocrites who are selling the nation for their very cheap ends. That is why I am determined to expose them. And of course they know me. I know most of the top people whom I make an extensive references in my posts. They also know me personally. Not only that, but I also follow very closely what they do, what they plan, what they discuss. If they conduct an emergency meeting about the page and how to block it, before the meeting concludes, I am aware of it. If they organize some people to send petitions to Facebook, of course I follow it closely.

How is the mafia group responding to my posts?

To make it very short they are terrified. Since I begin posting the mafia group have detained (are detaining) many people especially from the office of the president and the security agency, which I will inform readers about in the near future. They are sending me regularly threatening messages. Even tough I know what they are capable of with their backward security tactics full of mere brags, They say they will kill me if I continue posting. Of course I am not also that stupid to risk my life at the hands of the mafia. Since I am very much aware of their style and potentially know the people who could be instrumental for such tasks, I am watching it out closely. They also know how much I am armed with a huge amount of sensitive information and what I am capable of. Still, intelligence is pouring to me from the inner circle and citizens all over the world.

dear compatriots
I will be coming soon with very sensitive data of the national security in episodes. stay tuned

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